Elysian Square Dark Fest [Unus] Event Report!

Yeah, I’m doing one for the love of the goth scene! Not exactly a detailed one though.

So, last Saturday evening, we went to the very first Elysian Square Dark Fest. I went with Jepoy, Glen and Ivy, though none of them are particularly into the goth scene as much as I do. I didn’t get to mingle around and disturbing people much because I was tired from an entire day of photo shoot that we did that day, on which, I shall post about in a later day.

We actually arrived on time, for once, when the bands haven’t started playing yet.

Sanctus were the first band to play. I’m so glad we weren’t late!

I’m not familiar with this band that played next after that. The next band that played is called Serenus. I stopped taking after the second band because I was chugging down on food.

But this particular band, I like! I especially took a break from eating just to take a few shots of them. They’re called Switch. Good music.

And of course, one of my favorite bands, again, Anhura. Monika is just so pretty! :3

And the last band I get to see before we go was Oremuz (I insisted on staying until they finished playing) because I especially came to hear Sanctus, Anhura and Oremuz play.

We head on out early after that because Ivy needs to be home. And I guess normally, young people have curfews, and needs to be home when the clock’s past midnight.

The place was packed with people, and it’s not as crowded as EDW. It was probably hard to commute too, since it’s EDSA Revolution Day and several roads around Metro Manila are blocked. But despite the commuting hassle, there are still quite a number of people who attended.

I finally get to meet the Mingi couple who founded and organized this event.

And I also stalked spotted a few people. From left to right, Jeff of Roughhausen (I regret so much that I didn’t get to hear him play again, he was just that great), Shekaina of Oremus and the beautiful MC, Pola.

There were also merchandises sold inside, for those who were interested – CDs and shirts.

I get to have my picture taken with the Mingi couple, too. Though, as always, it’s blurred when Jepoy takes them.

Our group picture, the four of us, before we went home that night morning.

I also acquired good loots from the event. The freebie bag with Oremuz logo I got when I came in on time for the event, Anhura’s EP and Oremuz Album that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while.

To sum everything up, despite that I didn’t get to hear the bands after Oremuz to play, I really enjoyed the place (the bay view especially!), the experience, the environment and the music. Not much for the food though, because the Sisig I ordered was spicy and I do not like spicy food.

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  1. Haha we’re the same. I don’t eat the food if its spicy. I don’t like spicy food also xP
    Looked like you had fun! The freebies are always the fun things to get and of course the limited edition items from your favorite groups. :>

  2. I used to hate spicy food. XP Now I just don’t like it… but if left no choice, I’d gobble ’em up. Dati di mo talaga ako mapapakain.

    And. Wow. Euri. You’re so white! :3 I’m glad you had fun. 🙂

  3. Waaaaahhh! i miss going to gigs! I really miss the times when I was still an avid bandista XD hahahahaha!

    I hate spicy food too~ T_T but i’m trying to eat XD HAHAHAHA!

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