Freebies from Lipton

Last Friday, I got a surprise package from Lipton Philippines and Movent (ex-Netbooster Asia)!

I was very thrilled that I got new box of Yellow Label Tea with tons of add-ons like flavored syrups. I even got a Lipton branded mug, a lunch box, a pink notebook with glitters on its cover and a recipe booklet. I’ve always loved getting those recipe booklets because I love trying different tea flavors with the Lipton Yellow Label tea. The Yellow Label tea is the best for mix and matching different flavors with, because it doesn’t have that strong taste unlike other teas I have. The best one I’ve tried from the recipe booklet was that Vanilla Milk tea mix. And the worst was probably that one time where I tried Larry’s tea recipe with Yakult, and I messed it up by pouring too much Yakult on it and it tasted shit. XD

Oh, btw. I visited Lipton’s Philippines’ Facebook page earlier and they have this new Facebook app called Lipton CusTEAmizer. It’s a tool you can use to customize your Facebook Cover photo with pretty backgrounds and such. There’s also a contest going on involving making a cover photo for a chance to win different prices, you might wanna try.

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