“Stories From Your Heart”

Hey all!

My friends from the Light Crystal Publishing House are going to celebrate their first anniversary in November. They are going to publish a book compilation of short stories. The book’s theme is “stories from your heart.” If you are interested to be a part of that book, you may send in your short stories — no longer than 4 pages of Arial font, size 12, single space — through email at lightcrystalpublishing@gmail.com with your name, website (optional), and home address.

If you prefer to use a pseudonym or a nick name for the story, please specify it in the email, but your real name and address are required for the book shipping. Yes, you also get a copy of the book for free if your short story is chosen to be a part of the book. Pretty good deal, no?

Now, start writing!

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  1. EURI! Man, I haven’t dropped by here in ages. I had missed your kick ass posts. 🙂

    This is interesting. Until when are they accepting stories? 🙂

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