“Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”
– Morrie Schwartz

Quotation was taken from Sweet Diary.

Do I have to die first before people could see how much I worth? Do people really have to lose someone first just to know they were important? Isn’t it already too late for a person to feel this way? How could that person then tell the other one who had just died that he was important? For one reason, why can’t people see what someone has to give when he’s still there. I may be a cold person but I could sense it when someone gives me importance but I just leave them be until I find a chance to return the kindness. So people, like somebody I know, do not have the right to tell me that I’m not serious with things around me. I am and always have been serious with things but don’t think about them too much. If I would, what would become of me then – someone who always at a nook crying and feeling sad for other people? I have a conscience, don’t even think that I do not. But sometimes, we really have to be hard hearted if need be. If not, people will see us as weak and someone who couldn’t stand at our own feet. And people like this are just pathetic. Just because they lost someone, they try to drown themselves from drinking. Does that do them good? No. it just makes their head hurt the next day. Sometimes, people kill themselves because of this. But is it worth it? If you give your life to the person you just lost, would it bring him back? No. All you can do is cry until you run out of tears and your heart feels numb. Then, you can try to move on.

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