I resigned from work today. It’s not something that came on a whim. I’ve seriously thought about it for days. I thought about it even before I went to have an exam and interview for the new company I’ve applied for. It was a decision that’s really hard for me to make.

I considered a lot of things. For one, all my friends are in the Metro and this would leave me having totally no friends to hang out with at all. Although, I thought that I could do with this set up since I don’t particularly hang out with them always. Secondly, Pampanga has this slow-paced laid back atmosphere that it makes for a really cozy place to live. And this coziness is what makes me afraid that I might get too comfortable that I would just drift around and lazy up on things.

On the bright side of it though, I get to be with my family and I’ll be able to make ends meet financially, somehow, if I moved back. And I’ve been wanting “change” in a really spontaneous way. So I guess this is it.

So in the end, I decided to moved back. And I’m seriously being hopeful with this decision.

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  1. Well, even though you will miss your friends at least you will be moving on … which is a good thing.

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