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The Final: A J-rock Blog Crew: Adopted

Way back in August 4th 2006, I’ve inherited a J-rock blog crew from an old online friend, Sapphire. I’ve been managing this tedious blog crew since then. Now, it’s been 5 long years and I’m still very much in love with J-rock. But then, I grew less and less time to manage the blog crew, so I decided to open it for adoption to […]

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Top 10 Best Selling J-rock Artists

Top 10 list of best selling J-rock artist according to L’Arc~en~Ciel Dir en Grey Gackt Asian Kung-Fu Generation Malice Mizer Pierrot ?-miyavi- the pillows X Japan Psycho le C’mu Guess who’s the 11th? Yeah, it’s Hyde. 😛 So L’Arc~en~Ciel is all the way to the top, still, why can’t I find any good shots of the band anywhere?! How […]

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AYAKO – Tanabata

Last month, I received a request from Eijing Production, a Japanese music production company, to do a review on a few of their bands. Since I’m into Japanese music ranging from J-rock, J-pop and down to Kabuki, it piqued by interest and I agreed. They sent me sample mp3 for each of their artists for the said review. Though it took me an […]

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Jasmine You

If you’re a J-rock and/or Visual Kei fan, you’ve probably already heard the news – Jasmine You died. I’m depressed. I’ve been depressed since I heard the news. I thought of making a tribute, whatever tribute I could make for Jasmine You. I wasn’t able to make one for hide and Kami when they died, but I thought I would […]

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While I’m updating my version of Worpress into the rocking 2.5 release, let me introduce you to something I just found out now. There’s this virtual band called Mistula. And as far as virtual bands goes, they’re the only one in the Philippines (all according to Wikipedia). Some of you might already know them, but since as I had told […]

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