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Last week, I braved the storms, literally, to attend an event with friends at Fisher Mall. Fisher Mall is a mall in Quezon Ave., Quezon City. I got there via commuting riding a bus along EDSA, I went down at Muñoz Market and walked a bit to the corner (there’s a overpass there at the corner). There are a lot of jeepneys there going to Quiapo, I just rode one and said “Fisher Mall” to the driver. It’s a bit of a drive away, but you’ll see the mall right away when you get there.

To be honest, it was my first time going to Fisher Mall. I wasn’t expecting much at first, but Fisher Mall is great! It’s very clean, and is very well ventilated – the air condition is better than some malls out there, on which was totally unexpected.

The Fisher Box Office (or the best cinema in Metro Manila) is all the way up on the 4th Floor. You’ll notice it right away because the great smell of popcorn will lead you to it. Haha!

During the event, we learned about the newly launched Fisher Box Office Online Ticket Reservation and later that day, we had the privilege try out their new 3D cinemas.

One of the best things I noticed, aside from the delicious smell of popcorn, is the cinema lobby theme. It has this vintage feel in it like in the Jazz Age. I love vintage things, so I totally dig the whole vibe. I especially love the red damask wallpaper!

I also noticed that their “Now Showing” display is not just a poster, like in other cinemas. Its digital and interactive. It even has previews and the schedules displayed on it.

(Photo above stolen from Achie Roch. :P)

Inside the cinema, the seat capacity is about 250 with a stadium layout so even if we were seated at the side, the view is great. Oh, and the seat are comfortable and clean! I cannot stress this enough. I’m not a clean freak, but cleanliness in cinemas are really a major concern for me.

After the movie, we took a group picture outside with Ms. Melissa Garcia, the person in charge.

When I got home, I tried their new online ticketing system. You need to register first and also, have a credit card for you to reserve your tickets.

You choose the movie, date, and time on a drop-down and then, you will be redirected to a page where you could plot your seat(s). Once that’s done, you will need to enter your credit card details on their payment page.

After payment, you can simply print your receipt and show it to the cinema staff for further assistance, when you get to the cinema. Easy peasy, right? 😀

In case you’re interested, here are their social networking sites below:

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