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Recently, I stumbled upon a game that caught my attention. It’s called Game of Thrones Ascent and is still, as of this writing, under development by a company called Disruptor Beam. This game is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. There is also an on-going TV series about it, in case you didn’t know. This game was announced around late May last year and development and testing has been going around the entire year.

According to information, Game of Thrones Ascent is supposed to be a strategy-type social network game where you’ll be playing as a noble who’ll eventually choose which GoT house you’ll swear allegiance to. I’m eyeing myself to be allied with the Targaryens or the Starks. I’ve always been a sucker for dragons and wolves.

Looking at the game based only from information from the official site, it looks promising. Hopefully, not another game like Pottermore. That game bored the shit out of me after the 3rd day I played it. I’m especially interested in how the gameplay‘s gonna be. Since it’s a social network game, it’s really hard to tell if it would look a bit like an RPG style (yes, it’s possible, a bit heavy on the browser & server, but still possible) or like the other browser strategy games like Travian. I also find the game economy very interesting. I can’t wait to get my hands to try the game!

Official Links to the Game:

A little info about the developer company (that I merely copy & pasted):

Disruptor Beam is a Boston-based game company that transports the fans of beloved literary and television series into the worlds they love. By linking game content to episodes and books, players become a living member of the world as stories continue to evolve around them. The company’s games are accessed through social networks such as Facebook and next-generation mobile devices. The company, founded and led by game industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Jon Radoff, is backed by a group of technology and gaming entrepreneurs from the Boston area.

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  1. It seems like we’re posting lots of games lately XD I too been hooked in to online games XD HAHAHA!

    I haven’t watched game of thrones XD I kinda suck in strategy games too XD LOL

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