Calling Cards for Tita Eula

One day, my younger brother asked me if I could make new calling cards for Tita Eula. She’s the mom of my younger brother’s girlfriend. She owns a business named Ms. D’s Apparel that sells, well, apparels – clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, etc. I think most of her clothes are imported from the US or Hongkong. I often buy shoes from her store. The price is a bit higher than most, but the quality is definitely better. You might wanna check her online store out at Facebook called Mom’s Closet.

I’m looking for more of a stitches kind of a feel, and here are the calling card studies I ended up with:

I chose that vector girl above because she looks like her, and I chose this shoes below that because her shop mostly sells shoes.

Both vector images were taken from a royalty free site that I do not remember where, exactly. O.O

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