Lifted Pain

For quite some time, I had been wasting my days staring at nothing thinking that I should’ve gave more than what I had. I couldn’t blame anyone for the mistake I myself sow and it is just but rightful to reap this devastating remark. It might be just another ‘remark’ for another but for this woman, it marks the faul I had done and now reflects my good transcript with a 5.00. but needless say, the world doesn’t just end whenever you fell. I just have to try harder once more and re-bulit my good record. That’s done, and I had decided.

I went to school to get myself enrolled. I had plotted all the courses I could get except Elective 02 on which needs Elective 01 as a pre-requisite. I would just have to ask or college dean for permission to take that course. And I waited for him for more or less than 4 hours. Before I had my plotting form signed, I asked with bursting shame, “Sir, could I take Elective 02 if I failed Elective 01?” When he was about to sign my form, he suddenly stopped and looked back at me and said, “You failed?! What happened?” I couldn’t even raise my head up to look back and answer his question. Then he said, “Yes, you could take it.” And gave me back the form to plot Elective 02 in it got him to sign it again and enlist my subjects. A classmate of mine, Sam, told me that all out classmates got 5.00 at Social Science. I was shocked and asked him back, “Even you?” and he honestly answered yes. I was so shocked that everyone didn’t passed except for me and a few classmates. They said that the CIS has errors on them. and I saw my Elective 01 teacher and asked her if I really failed or is it just the CIS. Argumnts done, she answered that I relaly failed. And so I was to go home with a shatter heart once more as I come accross a Rj, a classmate, and told me, that everyone in the class failed Elective 01 too. Somewhow, my pain was lifted thingking I wasn’t the one one who failed but more than half the class.

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