Rude Neighbor

I have a neighbor that sells DVDs. Everytime he has new arrival DVD sets, he come by our house to sell. One night, I was listening to Dig by Mudvayne when he entered my room. Then he told me, “Rock songs are disgusting just a bunch of noise.” What he I stared at for a while and asked him soberly, “What? What kind of music do you like then? Don’t EVER repeat those you’ve just said.” (yeah, I’ve emphasized the word EVER.) Do you know what he did? Of all the things I hate in this world are those kind of people like him. He repeated it over and over and telling me that “They are just a bunch of useless songs.” I was suppose to go on a rampage for insulting my favorite band Mudvayne but I just asked him kindly to leave my room. He didn’t want to and said, “Why sould I?” I said, “Because THIS is my room. If you’re just here to insult, better get yourself outta here.” And he still insisted. And finally, I yelled at him saying, “OUT!! You’re banned from this room. Don’t ever enter again if you don’t want to hear rude words from me.” He walked out the room and went to my brother’s room instead. Half his friends were there, listening to metal type of music. (note: they are composed of 2 Emo, 3 Ghetto and a Goth and all are skaters exept one?) And he sits by his bed and repeated what he said at my room. They all gave him a bad kind of stare and one said only “WHAT DID YOU SAY? Repeat that again and you’ll never get out this room alive.” Good thing he didn’t tell my ‘lil bro that! If he did, he would be raining himself a bunch of swears and rude words. My ‘lil bro is quite rude and can’t control his tounge most often. But then again, good thing he just got that banning from me. Since that incident, he was totaly banned from my room and people around the house don’t give that much of a friendly atmosphere to him anymore.

Lesson: Comments are welcome, even rude ones. But don’t overdo it. You don’t know who you’ll be messing around with.

I brought this topic up because I read some rude comments from a friend’s site and just want to point out that not all people around are saints that would just ignore you.

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