Holiday Gift!

Here’s your holiday gift from me!! I’m sorry if I have no separate gift for the Christmas Season. It’s because I do not celebrate Christmas. Of course anyone could take that gift. Just dont’ forget to link it back here at okay? ^^ Just click the image for its link. Yes, I allow direct linking of my images now. It’s because I found a good image host just the other day. ^_^

Holiday 2004

Just so you would know, that beautiful girl is Iori Yoshizuki from my favorite manga I’S by Masakazu Katsura. Yeah! The same author of the popular Video Girl Ai and DNA 2. Did you know that I’S has an OVA? But I’m deprived of its copy because not much here know of this manga and so goes it’s anime. According to the ratings it got, it’s not that good but even still, I wanted to watch. *sob* Anyway, that image was mine because it came from the manga Ferione gave me. Brushes used are of my own.

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