Until then

Would you find your way back
I never could tell with those daring eyes
I wanted to reach out to you
And yell hard for you to get down
But as I realize that fact
I think twice and decide to keep silent

I don’t want to be the one
To hold you back from your dream
I know how it meant so much for you
I know how you had been striving
I cry at your every pain
I rejoice at your every success

With tears streaming from my eyes
I always watch you as you go up high
With pain carving scars to my heart
With shivering body in this cold night
I cried myself to sleep each night
As I repeatedly telling myself you’ll be back

Until then, I need to close my eyes
Whenever these tears starts to fall down
Until then, I need to bear this pain
Whenever I longing carves scars on my heart
Until then, all I could do is hope
As I am always here waiting for your return.

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  1. Hi Euwi! ^_^ Meep … *pokes poem* Ish sad … must brighten day!!! *plops rainbow sunshine everywhere*

  2. Hey Euri!! =( That was a sad poem… well for me anyway but I love it cuz it sorta describes me =/

  3. heyas!! Man…the poem is soooo…touching..you wrote it? Cna I keep t, print it and paste in my agenda?

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