Beyond Eternal 6th Year!

This came late, sorry. It’s supposed to be November 15th of this year, but either way, it’s better late than never, ne?

Hey, it’s Beyond Eternal’s 6th year! I’m really happy! Thanks for everyone who still reads this uninteresting blog. 😛 Together, let’s all look forward to a future with boundless possibilities.

Here’s everyone’s gift for this year!

Beyond Eternal's 6th Anniversary!

Oh, and yeah. That’s me in the image. It was taken by Jeromee~ x3

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  1. naks! ang ganda nang image XD kunin ko lagay ko sa mga collection ko kasi ikaw ang nasa Image hahaha! XD yung testimonial pala nang book 😛 hehehe

  2. ay teka may nakalimutan…

    ….Happy Anniversary!
    Merry Christmas! Happy New year
    Happy haloween! Happy Fiesta! Happy Valentine!
    Happy Birthday!

    at lahat nang mga nakalimutan kung greetings hahaha!

  3. Congratulations on being online for six years — And here’s to six more, if you so wish it! ^^

    Lovely lovely photograph, BTW! You look positively ethereal. <3

  4. haha. ang late naman. HAPPY 6th year. More blogging years to come 🙂 grabe tagal na. Without your site, wala ako dito. Ayun yon eh.

    Ang ganda ng picture, gumaganon na talaga.. Yung blog ko pala na painuminmoko ay may matinding sakit 3 buwan na mula ngayon, may cancer na ata. So I’m moving it.. maybe soon.. but this site, iamjen.. is just about me.. ayun. bow.


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