Web Tools Up

Finally updated wordpress to 2.0.3 and put back up the Web Tools for download. You can now download them. You can fiind them under the Guests category. Pre-made layouts, however, are still down. I retrieved the old files but their coding are outdated and I refuse to put them up while they’re on that messy coding state. Wait a little more while for them I’l planning to code them to fit Blogger, Tabulas, and even make them into WordPress Themes when I’m not lazy. 😉

I’m currently working on the awards next because the application queue is starting to get really really long. O.O And the more it is long, the harder to pick a SOTM winner. And speaking of SOTM, I know, I know… I’m already 2 months late giving the awards so sorry… I will make the awards soon. Btw, I really love my new SOTM trophy. :love: It’s really cute. I thought of it yesterday and started drawing it. 😀

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  1. Glad you’re trying to retrieve the site contents you had before your HD busted. If I were in your shoe, I’d be lazy to re-do anything at all. HAHAH 🙂

    Take care Euri 🙂

  2. hehe, yes ate euri, I did apply for it. but not my xeronline chronicles, it isn’t qualified because entries are written in tagalog. I applied my xeronline animated, my core website^_^ it has my online journal too *written in english ^_^*

  3. It’s really hard to recreate an entire site after losing most of it on a damaged harddrive. I applaud your persistance. I’m not sure how motivated I would be do the same. Kudos to you! 🙂

  4. Heyah ^_^ Mustah?! *huggles* Sorry i havent visited for while… I’ve been busy with real life… and then my internet went poof for a while too >.

  5. oops sorry ==;; got cut off again… anyways… yeah, miss you and just dropping by to see how things are going here ^^ … btw… i joined your sotm award thingie …. xD lol … just for fun tho, i know i wont win anyways… so yeah… take care

  6. Ooo awards!~ Can’t wait to see the trophy o.O It sounds adorable! Glad you managed to update wp successfully. Hehe reminds me I should update some of my scripts soon ^^;

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