Coffin Thrill: Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting

Guess what, guess what? I’m too excited to announce this before the official lunch of the site, but I just have to share it. I just have to. I’ve adopted the Vampire Hunter D fanlisting from Myka. She had it up for adoption and I chance upon the post, one day. Of course, I immediately sent her an e-mail about it. XD

Here’s the layout of the upcoming site Coffin Thrill: Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting:

Image © Minitokyo
Brushes © Dead Brushes

I’ve spent like days worrying about that layout – wondering what type of layout this time. I started that after I watched Sherlock Holmes this afternoon. I didn’t get the inspiration from there though – but Robert Downey Jr. is sexy. XD

Unlike the Lunatic Symphony layout I did before that took me hours rearranging details, I did this one in one whole sitting, including the coding – about 2 hours or so. And then, I spent the rest of the day filling up the about page. I spend more time thinking about what to put there than code this.  I just randomly picked an image I liked best among the scans I currently have – since I only have a few high quality ones. And started from there. While editing this image a bit, I thought, as oppose to a striking shades of colors, a soft feeling would suit it best – since D himself is a quiet, elegant soft-hearted bishie. And since the art (image) itself is already very pretty, there’s not much to edit in it.

Btw, isn’t the image I used lovely? It’s the cover of the 9th Vampire Hunter D novel: The Rose Princess. I’ve been a fan of Vampire Hunter D since I was a kid. It’s one of those childhood anime I used to watch. D is one of my childhood crushes and I used to think that I wanted him for a husband when I grow up. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow. *sob*  I also remembered owning a VCD copy of the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust too. I’m trilled to be allowed to adopt this fanlisting. Every time I think about it, it makes my day brighter and brighter and brighter. x3

PS: I’ll fill you guys in with the link when everything else is done. 😉

Please join Coffin Thrill: Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting!

[Edited: 2010.03.04 13.52]

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my/our attention. Nabasa ko po ang tweet ni @superjeniffer08

    Hindi po nag down ang server. Kaka monitor ko lang kanina. Naiimbyerna lang ako kasi sabi ni @superjeniffer08 marami pang mas reliable eh bakit samin sya naka host? Naiimbyerna lang ako sa mga taong nagkakalat ng tsismis na hindi naman totoo. Palibhasa hindi kasi nila alam kung paano magpatakbo ng server. Parang tanga, hindi naman pwede na tuwing 12 midnight lang mag uupdate kasi hindi lang naman mga Pilipino ang client namin. In fact mas marami nga kaming client na hindi pinoy. T@ng1na talaga ang mga taong kalat ng kalat ng tsismis na hindi naman totoo.

  2. Easy ka lang, ate Ems, puso mo. I don’t think she meant it that way but I guess you kinda got offended by it, sorry that I brought the topic up.

    Don’t worry too much about it, though. I’m an IT too (though I’m a noob), so I kinda understand about the server maintenance and stuff. Also, just I read over your twits that you were upgrading the Quad1 servers. I think I belong to that server so I stopped asking/bugging you/sending a ticket about my case. You know that I always send a support ticket whenever something’s up even though I could contact you directly via e-mail and MSN. I wasn’t sure if it’s just me and/or there’s something up so I chose to twit it instead of sending a support ticket.

    Sorry. =(

  3. She twitted back and I responded to her. What irritated me was when she said “laging down” and it’s absolutely not true at all. Inulan na kami ng tickets kapag ganyan ang nangyayari. Pero nag apologize na sya and I accepted the apology already.

  4. layout so purdy! iLIKE 😀
    pero hindi ko pa napapanood ang Vampire Hunter D.. kailangan mapanood muna bago maging fan. 8D

    i wanted to make fan listings to, but i don’t know how to use scripts. LOL XDD!!

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