TinierMe Shutting Down

A few days ago, I received a notice about TinierMe closing down on December 10, 2012. I’m not really much of a TinierMe player, but I  used to really like playing it.

Online games really come and go these days. I couldn’t remember exactly how many games I’ve been playing the shut down. The first and most heart breaking one was GoPets. The company (staff and resources) got bought by Zynga and eventually, they just shut down leaving a lot of sad online pet owners. Since TinierMe is like the nth game that closed down on me, it doesn’t depressed me much anymore.

Unlike in GoPets where I wasn’t able to take screenshots before it totally shut own, this time I managed to somehow take a few screenshot of my “selfy” for the last time.

These are my selfies. And yes, I’m still in love with dark red eyes; dark black hair or platinum hair; and as usual, my wardrobes are mostly, if not all, in black and white.

This is a screenshot of SUGIZO’s selfy on his TinierMe room with my selfy. Originally, you can’t find SUGIZO’s selfy in his TinierMe room, I just took a screenshot of his selfy in my friends list, my selfy and edited them together in his room and redrew some parts such as the hair and wings.

In case I miss my selfy, I can always go to DreamSelf.me and make a selfy and dress her up like I always do. I just hope they wont shut down anytime soon.

Oh and if you wanna keep your friends at TinierMe, I suggest you to register and hang out in DreamSelf.me Forums.

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