2000th Visitor

I was so exited to open my mail last night to see who won the Visitor # 2000. But sadly, no one did. Not one sent me the requirement (print screen) I needed. *sigh*

This morning, mom frfiends arrived and I didn’t get myself introduced because I don’t care. I went to her room to grab a cold drink. It’s hot! Then, I went to the kitchen to get a glass and that’s where she noticed me. She called me and introduced to her friend and her friend’s son. I went to grab ice for my drink and his friend’s son even thought I was drinking at that time of the day. It was just plain apple juice, okay? I swear! Then, she even told them that I was on my 3rd year college though I looked like a 1st year high school student! Anyway, she said that they were Victor Wood’s wife and son. To be polite, I just nodded my head and left. But what I wanted to do was to ask was, “Who in the world is Victor Wood?”

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