A Nice Day That Turned Bad

Early morning today, around 9:30am, I waited for my friend Lell at our house. Ang tagal niya!! Sasabay kasi siyang papuntang school… We have a voice lesson. (Graveh! Marunong pala akong kumantah?!) Mabait yung nagturo. Khei also joined (kala ko ba ayaw niya?! Sabi niya kaya nung una…!!) To cut the story short, the voice lesson was fun! I enjoyed it very much. After the voice lesson, we went to McDonald’s to eat. And right after, nagyaya si Khei sa Reilai (internet cafe) the first thing na hinanap ko is yung cute na green na stuffed PORING (nakasabit sa taas ng counter)!! Nag-internet ako, kaya lang ang bagal nung computer!! (may virus ata yun??) So, I decided na hindi na lang… After mag-internet ni Khei, nawalan ng electricity. So, umalis kami and went back to AMA (school). When we got back, meron na uling electricity so I went to PCV (my usual tambayan – internet cafe) and check my mails and chat. Right after, Hinanap ko sila Khei and Ella, nawawala?! I thought umuwi na… So umuwi na din ako.. When I got home, the usual, change clothes, drop it in the washing machine and face my computer. Continued working on my website and chatted a few with my on-line friends… Just a while ago, before I wrote this, I received a message from an acquaintance at school. He said that his friend found out that he was sending me messages through Friendster and got angry with him.. I know I’m a bit cold but, I DO NOT CARE! My point is, I don’t know what’s with that guy?! And he’s damn rude enough to lose my friendship! Don’t bother asking me why. NOT interested!

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