Crab Mentality

I think people should stop comparing themselves to other people. Didn’t you know that it’s very unprofessional of you when you keep on comparing the difference between your abilities and much more, when you compare your salaries and claim you deserve a better one. I think, instead of pulling the leg of other crabs just because you’re pathetic, it’s better that you start showing people what you can do. That way, you can justify the fact, if it is indeed a fact, that you are definitely better. After all, your salary wont even increase one cent even if you continue to doing that disgusting deed.

Apologizing to someone because you somehow offended that person by your groundless insecurity wouldn’t help too. Because forgiving someone while the person still continue doing that pathetic act of crab mentality isn’t worth it.

I wont dare give and advice, I only have to say this: for crying out loud! Shut up and just prove it.

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  1. tsk… silly me. -lol-
    anyway, what I mean is, that thing also happens in our office.
    People make a scene that will make someone to be terminated.
    And I have a feeling that some people in our office our eyeing that I get terminated.
    Not because I slack at work but they are threatened by the things I can do.
    they’re making a big fuss behind my back that I use the net
    for ym and other non-work related.
    Yesterday, three people literally plugged their heads to my monitor to see
    what I’m doing.
    pa-simple pa “ano yan?”
    It pisses me off.

  2. Hmm. I never knew that some fugly crustaceans could be like that. Y’know, transform into some kind of low-life, money-faced freak of nature. I’d definitely watch out for him or her, if I were you. People like that have homicidal tendencies or some other shit like that. Ok buhbye.

  3. Which reminds me of the other extreme some people say about immigrants ‘taking their jobs’. If you’re not proven to be officiant, there’s others that can do your job for you faster, better, and without any complains. Two different situations with very similar outcomes.

    Oh and by what I meant by ‘my return’ is that I returned after not having my domain activated for the longest time. I used to own a J-Rock graphics site along with it, but everything went down months ago. Hopefully I’ll get to repairing everything soon. 🙂

  4. LOL!!! I tell that biatch… to shop around for another job. Hell, if you think or knows that you’re better than someone and no promotion or raise. you aint sucking it right. 😀

  5. well, I compare my self to other not to be pull those guys down but to raise my self up like them. This is not actually a crab mentality. It’s a way of acknowledging their best abilities and make them my inspiration….

    It only became as what they said crab mentality… when you do something that will ruin one’s career…..

  6. t only became as what they said crab mentality… when you do something that will ruin one’s career…..


  7. You hit the nail on the head – people should just let their actions speak for themselves.

    One thing I can’t stand is people asking you “what you’ve been up to”, and then as soon as you answer, you can see they are trying to judge the value of what you do with your time – or worse – they just blank out waiting to talk about what they’ve been doing, which was their point in asking you all along. 👿

    I am removing your link. I don’t wanna get banned again due to linking to sites with adult oriented content. I hope you understand.

    ~ Euri @ 08.47H2007.03.28

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