Great Day!

Wondering why? This morning, I went to AMA to get my grades. And guess what?! I PASSED!! Yey!! My lowest grade is 2.5 😀 Not high? Yeah! I know. I’m just an average student with an average grade you know… It doesn’t matter to me if my grades are that low. But I will torture myself to grave studying if my grade turns out to be 3 flat. When I entered college I planned to have grades not higher than 2.5 but since I got a 2.75 at my 2 Calculi, my target grade should not be less than that. From now on, I could already upload my files at home because my bro’s PC is already done. I was writing again this afternoon, continuing my Amdis Anima. I only write when I finds the time as well as I’m in the mood to. So that what I’m writing wouldn’t turn out senseless…

And another thing, a while ago, I ate my favorite PIZZA!!

Oh! I’ve added a midi player above. You could select songs you want ^_^

Know what, election here in the Philippines is near. I wanted to share this funny cartoons of the presidential candidates. It was sent to me by ya Zep (a school mate) last month…

The 2004 Presidential Candidates!

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