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Well, nothing’s new today, just like it was yesterday… I was playing PS2 again and started Chapter 4 of the WA3. It started with a celebration after defeating Seigfreid. then, Shane and Jet had a little talk and Shane’s dream-child (the dream-demon from his dreams) appeared before him and poisoned his mind and here’s my new adventure. I continued to play the game and learned that Werner (Virginia’s father) really died 10 years ago at the Yggdrazil tragedy (as expected) and Werner they’re seeing wasn’t a human at all but something like an illusion of him (something like a spirit but materialized one) made out of his memories and the Hyades (a knowledge from demons). He was chasing Beatrice (the dream-demon child from Shane’s dreams) and try to stop her from re-creating their world. To me, this storyline is a typical RPG storyline that I always play – saving the world from bad demons.

If I were to put this in real life, I could say that this is also a typical life story for a lot of people. Finding who they really are and their purpose in living. I wanted to share a little story. I leave it to your judgment.

There are things in this world that exists – this things may seem “just a myth” to others but to some, they believe this as their very LIFE itself. Few have known this, fewer have the chance to obtain it and only a handful had the chance to get out. It feels nice to read a story that ends with “…and they live happily ever after.” But for some story, the word “happiness” don’t exists. These are the once who lived in the shadows of the Immortal Souls. Few had survived this, and lucky are those who survived and still has the strength to move on. But for others who survived, their lost in their own world.

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