Away to Oblivion

It was much like this same night
When I helplessly broke myself down and cried,
The cold shadows of the night
Filled this endless emptiness inside.

Wishing you would be back
Wishing your arms to hold me again
As I cried myself to sleep,
You’re still in my dreams.

Whenever I wake up,
I think of you.
Why did you leave?
What have I done wrong?

I gave you everything you asked
Still, it’s not enough
I gave up everything for your happiness
Still, you left me.

Where’s the promise you gave me?
The promise that you wouldn’t leave.
Had the wind blew it away to another’s heart
Or the waters washed it away to oblivion?

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  1. your very explicit about ur emotions.. im not really a very big fan of that kind of style, but then you write great and it impressed me how you escaped uhmm being trite i guess?? sorry wala akong maisip na word for that.. aww, bakit parang our emotions connect.. hehe.. i like how you leave a piece of thought that’d leave me thinking and loving it.. hehe.. keep it up!

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