Reflection in the Sky

It’s already September. The time seems to fly so fast doesn’t it? I haven’t been on-line for a while but I was still journalizing. If you’re still interested on reading my entries these past few days, you can find them at the August archive.

For the updates, I had added a new chapter to Amdis Anima – Chapter 7: The Sacrificial Room. I had a new layout made for the Memoir of Dreams and also added a new chapter to it, Chapter 3: The Broken Oath. I think you would like that layout as much as I liked it. I had uploaded Lost Perception’s new layout too. Look at the clock and calendar to the right. aren’t they cute? I got the both of them from Kao-Ani.Com. There are a lot of cute stuff there for adoptions.

Well, this is my new layout. How did you find it then? I called this layout, Reflections in the Sky. It’s pretty predictable on why it is called such don’t you think? I had dark layouts for about 3 months straight so I thought of having a light one this time. I made this one in a day straight last Monday (August 30th). I couldn’t think of a new layout so… this is it! This layout gives me a fresh cool feeling that somehow lifts me up and brings me to a brighter mood. But still, behind that bright light, I could still feel the sadness within. I guess it is only natural because this site was made for that very purpose.

When I was thinking of a layout to make, I remembered when one friend told me, “If you’re going to make a layout, make one that everybody could relate to. Not just because you’re a girl, you’ll make everything in pink, filled with flowers or ‘girly’. What about the boys who visit your site? Do you think they would like it? Another is, don’t overload your site with images and keep the page small because the page will be heavy and loading it will take a lifetime. Most people don’t like waiting. And you should avoid using blinking backgrounds, too much GIF’s and marquees on the page because they’re annoying. And of course, make sure that your texts are still visible with the background.” So, did I meet all of my friend’s advice this time?

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