The PE Class

The class just started. Honestly, it’s not exactly her favorite subject. In fact, she despise it the most. Okay, so she’s not the physically fit type of student. Maybe, more of a weak counterpart for a best description. She couldn’t think of anything but food and how she wish the time would just speed up to the next subject. For another moment, someone entered the class late. Since it’s the first meeting, the teacher ignored it. After all, there’s still the grace period to back him up. She saw him enter the class. By a blink of an eye, she simply lost it – her world seemed to just stop.

He sits by the corner, never utters a word. Maybe because he’s also new like everyone else – or maybe, he’s just quiet. She glance at him secretly and end it with a short smile. A smile worth to fill her day with laughters. She utters to herself how beautiful he is. An elegance she couldn’t find else where.

An early dismissal was announced. She didn’t leave the room because she has nothing else to do outside until the next subject. What could you do outside on the campus hallways in between classes anyway? He still there, by the corner. He doesn’t seem to want to leave the room either. She chatted with her friends as they make noises in the room on which they do best of all. He suddenly joins in. Laughed loud enough to caught everyone’s attention. He chatted with them teases people and later on, leaves.

The PE Class.

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  1. Ayaw mo ng PE? Generally, I like PE kasi maraming sports pero I hated my PE2 nung kinuha ko siya, dancing kasi.

  2. uy!! lam ko story na ‘to ha,, kaw ha,, di lng crush ‘to people,, it’s LOVE,, hihi,, cute ng story,, hehe,, la bang part II?? gawa ka pa part II ha,, interesting,, cute2!! Part II ha,, wait ko,, 🙂

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