Valentine 2006

[Edited @ 20060214.2344]

Everyone, pick up your valentine gift. I had sent it to some and I’m lazy to send it to others. You do the honor of copying it here. 😉 As usual, click and copy.

Valentine 2006

Then, after that, vote for Beyond Eternal at Colourful Bliss Awards and Scarlet Blush Awards! ^_^

Btw, I got a free voucher from Pinkie (she owns Colourful Bliss Awards) on which is suppose to be like a gift check on her site wherein you could use it to request graphics from her site or something like that. Just read it there if you are interested or you have question. Anyway, since I have not much use for it, I’ll be giving away mine. Who wants it? First one to ask for it is the one who gets it. 😉

Note: This entry has been edited for the third and last time. This is due to the fact that I do not like posting the same thing over and over. It would make me feel like I don’t have a life these days and have nothing to post on which not exactly, but most likely true. XP

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    Wow haven’t been that in a while o__o
    Anyway I’ll vote for ya~ =] =]
    laaahve you ading!!!

  2. Happy Valentines!!!! Kahit belated ung greetings hehe… Thanks sa gift!

    Voted you in colourfulbliss hope you’ll win! TC!

  3. Tsk. I wish I was as internet active as you cutieface XD; I never make gifts, update or make layouts anymore. Bad Cole! =X I hope you had a lovely V-day btw =D

  4. I’ll be sure to vote ^^~ Good luck to you for the two award sites! Also wow voucher idea is very cute 🙂 You’re very lucky to receive a voucher ^^~

  5. belated happy hearts day. hehe. welcome for the gift. thanks for yours. you’re the mastermind. hehe.

    i do hope this pc cooperates so that i can vote in now.


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