A Text Message

Last night, I received a text message that goes…


Nasawi ang

Dahil sa show na to
lahat ay nagsisisi,

sira na si Willie

Dahil nagagulo
Sa Wowowee… Ultra!

I am very much aware of what happened yesterday – there was Stampede tragedy at Wowowee’s first year anniversary at Ultra. Yet, above all these things, it wasn’t his (Willie) fault, okay? Of all the people in that industry, he bears the greatest pain for what had happened that day. It is his show for so you know. He will bear this pain entirely for months, years, sometimes, maybe – forever… We should at least understand how he and everybody feels. This is not about superficial games anymore. It’s about lives. We should know that. I am very much aware that some people are creative enough to make jokes, quotations or whatever it is, in minutes. But don’t you think this is too much for a joke? People, you should not rejoice at other people’s pains and loses. I’m not a pro-Willie nor a pro-Wowowee fan. Honestly, I do not like that him more so that show myself because I do not like how he insults people in TV. Then again, desipite all this, I sympathize with them for those that lost their lives. Most of them are chldren and they are still very young…

People, where are your hearts?

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  1. wow grabeh naman ung nagkalat ng text na iyan. wala man lang puso. nakakainis ung mga ganyang tao, may gana pang magsaya kaysa makisimpatya sa nangyari. tama ka naman walang gustong mangyari ito, at dapat hindi nga sisihin sa nangyari si willie, of all people im sure isa sya sa sobrang naapektuhan sa nangyari, sana man lang magkaroon ng kunting consideration iyong ibang tao. haay.. masyado silang mean. kakainis.

  2. Geesh when I received that message, I had to restrain myself from cussing at the person who sent it. It was uncalled for.

    Whatever happened yesterday, it was no one’s fault. No one should be blamed. I don’t like Revillame and his show, but the lives of lotsa people were taken, and it’s very insensitive to even make a joke about it. sighs Honestly, some people. trails off

  3. If the “bomb scare” was false, then i think it’s partially the crowds fault. They got utterly fanatic kasi. And if it were true naman, may the person who said that(the bomb thingy) be haunted in case if s/ he’s still alive.

    That text message is quite similar to the “Tsunami Song” na kumalat sa internet after the Tsunami. Humor placed in the wrong container. Nabasa ko kanina yan sa phone ng classmate ko, pinakita niya sa akin. It wasn’t funny

  4. sorry what happened y-day I’ve been in my room for like two days straight only coming out for a piss and food.Gosh I hate txt messages like that its one of the reasons I don’t have a phone there like chain mail (another reason is my parents won’t let me have one WHYYYYY lol)
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. People, where are your hearts?

    I do not have a heart. I do not feel sympathy to those who were affected by the “tragedy”, so-called. I think they truly deserve what they got. Come on, for chrissakes! Why, in god’s name, do people have to depend on such show to gain something for their survival? They have their own arms, their own feet, their own bodies which they can utilize for their existence to continue, for them to eat, for them to “survive”. If it weren’t for desperate being trying to do all the “best” they could to enter the show and gain some money, then there would not be any tragedy.

    Fine, most of them are incapable of having a job because of economic crises, or because of their age, or simply because they refuse to move their assess off the ground, but those reasons are not entirely valid for them not to do /something/ for themselves, if not for their families.

    What about your talents, people? Are you not granted even just one skill that will help you survive? I don’t think so. There are people who are handicapped and yet excel in various fields in arts and crafts. Those people with a complete set of fingers, arms, legs, sensory organs, and most specially, BRAINS, can undoubtedly do better.

    Where is my heart, you say? Nowhere. Open your eyes to the reality – it was their time to die and there’s nothing more we can do about it. It’s inevitable.

  6. I thought Wowowee was a gameshow.
    Wait, it is, isn’t it?

    o___o I don’t understand, how was there a STAMPEDE? People came running .. to .. or .. whaaaa?

    _> I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

    Anyway that’s sad how a bunch of people died. >_>;

  7. grabe noh? ang bilis ng balita…:P
    mga pilipino talga #1 sa ganyan!:P hehe..

    the way i see it
    no one is to blame, and doing so will not change what happened.

  8. Yeah, I really hate the thought of such jokes. I don’t watch t.v. much less Wowowee but I do know that death is not a laughing matter.

    There’s this hearsay that disturbs me though, it’s that at that time, even when dead bodies were lying on the grounds, some people were still lining up to get inside. And when one policeman or guard told them that the show was cancelled, they said, “hindi pwede kasi may tickets na kami”. It’s disturbing how material things can numb a person. I mean, wouldn’t the normal reaction be grief or sympathy? Instead they just remained there neglecting the dead bodies.

    Here we are proclaiming how causcasians have no hearts, but in that one scenery…. didn’t we just portray the kind of people we always said the americans were?

    It really saddens and worries me. We seem to be so good at revolting, blaming others for disrupting the peace and judging people. Yet we find it hard to look at ourselves and judge our actions.

    I’m proud to be a Filipino, but sometimes… I just don’t know.

  9. im not a kapamilya and definitely not a fan of willie… wiilie is so plastic and the show makes use of people’s poverty… ang pinakabiktima talaga dito ay ung mga namatay… napaka undisciplined kasi nung mga tao nun pero siyempre isipin na rin natin na ilang araw na sila dun kaya magiinit talaga mga ulo nun… sana kasi pinauwi na ng show ung mga tao dahil sa tingin ko ipagmamayabang lang nila sa eat bulaga kung gaano kadami ung pumunta… brinainwash nila ang mga tao na malaki ang tsansa nilang may maiuuwi talagang pera pero sa dami nila napakaliit lang.. hayyyy.. nangyare na mahirap ng magsisihan lets pray for the souls na lang ng mga namatay…

    nkakahiya nga samga international news na nagkakamatayn na mga pilipino para lang sa pera pero hirap din manisi dahil marami talagang naghihirap…

  10. Thank you Euri! Grabe talaga ang cruelty ng ibang tao…nagagawa pang gumawa ng ganyang klaseng joke. Hindi ko pa na re-receive yang text na yan at sana ay hindi ko na siya makuha. Pag naririnig ko na may natatawa dyan sa text na yan, pinipigil ko na lang sarili ko na wag mainis o magilit. May right naman kasi sila sa opinions nila.

    Pero sana maisip nila yng mga taong namatay dahil lamang gusto nila swertehin. And hindi mo rin sila masisisi. I don’t agree sa mga taong sinasabi ni dapat lamang manyari sakanila yun dahil nagpapaka gaga sila sa pagsali sa show na yan. Ano ba magagawa natin kung ito na lang ang natatanging nagpapasaya sa kanila? Nagbibigay ng hope? Hindi ko pinagtatanggol ang idea ng wowowee pero shows like that are created because of poverty. To give people hope. Ngayon alam na natin kung gano kadami ang naghihirap. Kung gano kadami ang i-risk ang buhay nila para lamang makasali sa mga raffle. Kung gano kahirap ng pilipinas. Hindi natin masyado nararamdaman ang kahirapan, kaya siguro may mga hindi nakakaintindi…pero wag naman sana mgaing cruel ang mga tao. Wag sana nila sisihin at pagtawanan ang nagyrai sa mga taong nangarap lamang.

    That really is uncalled for. Your right. People, where are your hearts.

  11. ABS-CBN is to blame. Objectively what they did is exploitation. They exploited the masa with their number one weakness: MONEY. Not only that their organizers are the stupidest people there is. They say they are not forming medicancy. THIS IS MEDICANCY!!!! It’s dole out for crying out loud!!!!! You can’t help the poor by mere dole out!!! What are they thinking?! Argh!

  12. Yah. I agree. Where are the hearts of these people? Okay.. so we know na may kasalanan ang Abs cbn, mga TFCs at mga tao. Pero… instead of blame each other, get mad at each other.. bakit hindi na lang natin sila tulungan or i-encourage?

    It’s an accident. Accidents always happen.
    So let’s stop blaming other people, start encouraging.

    I so agree with Euri 🙂

  13. GASP! Hey my cuttee giiirl! Its been forever tsktsk. Now that Im back, I should try updating more XD; Hhaha.

  14. I didn’t have any idea na may stampede so when my sisters and I turned on the TV for some quality time I was totally shocked. My eyes were teary, I could’ve broken down right then and there. Pero pinigilan ko baka pagtawanan ako ng mga kapatid ko. Hehe. But it was truly tragic, I felt really sad for those people.

    Right, it was an accident, accidents always happen but they can also be avoided. ABS-CBN knows their mistake, as well as the other institutions that are involved in the tragedy, they should stop bickering at each other and start helping those poor people. I understand that they’re helping them but that bickering can also be converted into additional help. What is sad is that these people went to the show to feel a bit of consolation, a bit of that happiness and even for answers to their financial problems but what happened? They lost their loved ones instead. They’re already suffering from poverty and yet they were still put prone to this because of carelessness. Of course, these people were partly at fault as well, we can’t deny that. But the greter responsibility laid in the hands of the establishment which was putting up this show. They could’ve created a better plan and could’ve controlled, even prevented, this disaster.

    I also received that message from my brother, I didn’t forward it to anyone. I have to admit I laughed because it was partly funny, I mean the playing with the words but, of course, it was insulting. We can’t really tell these people to stop, we’re all different. One’s tragedy can just be a joke to another.

    This stampede just shows how ironically hopeful and hopeless the Filipino people are. It’s making me lose my trust in what we call humanity. The ‘masa’ are drowning in sweat and blood while those fucked up crocodiles are happily rowing up there. We must start working together to help our country stand up on its feet again.

  15. To aruki:

    Good point. But I don’t think the government can provide jobs to all these people. Yes, they have talents, but how are they going to be able to show these capabilities if poverty itself is hindering them?

    Like this old woman, who was herself a victim of the said tragedy, she was from Laguna, she was old but she still worked. Nagtatahi s’ya ng mga unan, may trabaho s’ya pero, of course, because she had the chance to gain a better life, nakipagsapalaran s’ya. You can’t blame these people if they submit to these things that other people call “shallow”. They’ve been struggling with poverty all their lives. These are people who can hardly get through a day without worrying about what they’re going to eat the next day. We can’t set aside the fact that most of these people are the ones in our population who didn’t attain much education in their lives. So jobs? They’re not given much chance of getting it.

    Time to die? So, you’re a theist.

    I just believe that events can be controlled or changed even before they happen.

  16. I just believe that events can be controlled or changed even before they happen.

    I concur. Prevention is always better than cure. Athough in this case, it’s incurable.

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