Pure White Wings

Pure white wings,
Carry me to the sky.
Where I could breathe the fresh air,
Where I could feel the gentle wind.

Pure white wings,
Fly me higher to the sun.
Where I could feel the warm breeze,
Where the light is blinding.

Pure white wings,
Do not fall down.
To the earth that is barren.
To the soil that’s full of sin.

Pure white wings,
Why are you broken?
Your once clean feathers
Are now filled with stains of blood.

Pure white wings,
Did you try to break out?
From this cold rusty cage,
From this empty lifeless place?

Pure white wings,
You are bleeding again.
Was God hands too tight?
Was God arms too long?

Pure white wings,
Please don’t stab your wounds.
Your wound might heal,
But your scar – it will not.

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  1. i know its kind of rude to comment on a poem, but i am still going to comment, hehehe. ang ganda, tragic. oo nga, sa mundo na ‘to, nothing ever remains white, how even the purest things get to suffer like hell, and how the world turns everyone to monsters. and what’s worse than the struggles? of course the memory of it, the memory that haunts you and repeats the moment in your head in an endless loop. why does purity never last?why does entropy exist?

  2. i know its kind of rude to comment on a poem,

    When did commenting to a poem became rude?

    Children are innocent, yet as they grew, they tend to get tainted. Being tainted is human nature, because we are humans, we sin. 🙂

    Side note:
    points above to my blog title

  3. Hmm.. I’d say this one’s pretty good. I just hate tragic endings though. And the second line bothers me. Is the word “me” really repeated? I know there’s such a thing called poetic license but..

    So you’re a rabbit huh. Wishing you all the luck in love life then! 😀

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