When the Lie Becomes the Truth

Expressions –
How much do they affect comprehension?
Feelings –
Do you need ears to hear them?
Silence –
What do they really mean?
Words –
Are they clear enough to describe everything?

I turned away from that one truth
Hoping it would die out someday.
But in return this also meant
That I’m killing my own heart away.

If this isn’t a sacrifice
And it isn’t enough to express what I feel.
Then, what better could I have done
To hold myself and stay real?

When the lie becomes the truth,
Which would you believe?
Would you believe that
I still love you with all my heart,
Or would you believe that
I really fell out of love?
Would you rather believe
These cold words my lips are uttering,
Or would you believe
What these warm tears are shedding?

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  1. That was so nice! I even felt the emotions as I read through it! You’ve talent Euri, a wonderful talent. 🙂

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