Successfully Moved

I’ve just successfully moved to Ems‘ server again, for the nth time! (Thank you for answering my almost to the point of irritating question and request.)

After a few hours of butt heating, I’ve finally had the time and effort to hack my way to fixing the statistics scripts I am using for them to work properly and fit to the Web Standards as well. Please take note, I did not procrastinate this time. See what people can do without this thing called “procrastination.” I’ve tried to fix that error I found in the tagboard as well. And while I’m at it, I’ve also updated to WP 2.1.1.

For my visitors that only come here for leeching off KHS manga, in case you were wondering where I moved them, you can find them here temporarily. I’ll be moving them again in a few days though. I’ve updated my mirror up to the latest release of Zero no Tsukaima Chapter 3 and Shuffle! Chapter 8. I also have both good and bad news. For the bad news, we are dropping Twin Spica and Fate/Stay Night due to lack of staffs. The good news are, since Twin Spica is a joined project with Dynasty Scans, they will still continue the project and with regards to Fate/Stay Night, Kawaru Enishi is also scanlating them so that would solve your problem on fining a new scanlation group.

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  1. yay for moving and procastination! ^_^ but you said you didn’t procastinate, right ? lol and congrats for wordpress 2.1.1! Mine’s only 2.1 but I think I’ll be upgrading later.

    ja and take care! ?

  2. Congrats on moving! 🙂
    Hehe. I could never go through all that. XD Just for a blog.
    I’m like, okay.
    Cute news. Installed.
    Good. KTHXBAI.

    Good luck with your error-pruning! ^_^

  3. This is not exactly “just a blog” for me. All my other sites are under this same domain. Although, I seem to fail at the advertising department and I just rely on referrals by other people? ^.^

  4. Blessing a Christan, in what way?

    Chette: I think he is talking about how you’re helping Ate ems financially and blessing her financially in Jesus name
    It’s really a good thing and then he said God bless you for blessing a Christian

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