GameOPS Reborn!

GameOPS Reborn!
GameOPS Reborn!

The GameOPS‬ team just relaunched their old website/blog where they geek out on a lots of things. That phoenix image/logo looks really cool, show casing along it with GameOPS’s old logos thoughout its existence. (I have a long history with this group, and it’s in a previous post, if you’re interested to know.)

The newly resurrected website has a fresh and sleek web 2.0-ish looking logo and a responsive layout that is also mobile friendly. They worked really hard for it and for once, seriously planned about it, so you should take a visit.

Here’s the post from the official Facebook, that I copy and pasted:

GameOPS‬ is officially back from the dead! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated on the latest news.

Check out our old sections such as Pirates ‘R Us, Retro Gaming Nights, Fanboy Fight Fest, Nihonsei, and the newly renamed Featured Gamer –GameOPS P.O.I. or ‪#‎GameOPSPersonOfInterest‬. Enjoy new contents from our new Lifestyle section and our funny ‪#‎GamingHugot‬. And don’t forget to tag us for imaginary goodie bags! ‪#‎GameOPSreborn‬

Oh, and I should tell you, another GameOPS staff, JM, made this really cool Duterte Ipsum tool. It’s like Lorem Ipsum with Duterte stuff on it. For those who doesn’t know, Duterte is the new president of the Philippines, effective yesterday until 6 years from now.

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