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As I had mentioned, yesterday, at The Final‘s updates blog, Dir en Grey is releasing their new single called “Glass Skin” on the 10th of September, this year (more details here). That is to say that they’re back? I am really hoping a lot from this and is waiting patiently for their new album to come later, because seriously, I wasn’t quite satisfied with their last album, The Marrow of a Bone. I just think that their earlier works before that were better, or is it just me that thinks so otherwise that this new style they have isn’t quite as appealing? After all, I got hooked into them in their visual style, in the first place?

Anyway, going back to Glass Skin, this thing you see above is the CD cover for Glass Skin. I’ve heard that it’s Toshiya who made it. He seemed to be fond of painting using fingers as a medium or something? As a basist, I have nothing else to say or want from Toshiya. I mean, he rocks! He’s my favorite among DEG members and I squeal at the site of his image. And as a visual artist, with regards to the medium used and the art portrayal, down to the art concept until the final artwork in itself, I would give him a 7/10 for this. Since I am always with the rule of “art for art’s sake” and that this piece of art is quite good (well, in my opinion – not that anyone cares though). But then, I honestly think that this piece of artwork is not quite suitable for a CD cover, taking for a fact that the single’s title is “Glass Skin.” It kind of surprised me, and a bit of it that it bugs me that this piece of work came up from his concept of a “glass skin.” But, it can always be that they chose it for the sake of choosing anything or something like that.

In my point of view as an artist, I would rather portray “glass skin” as something else. It could be either a person with a crystal like skin in terms of texture; or a person with shiny, smooth features that of a porcelain; or a person who has a transparent type of skin where you could see through everything within it. (I prefer the last, best, though.)

Even so, I liked the feeling of this artwork. The dark feel in it, that the person seemed to be covered in mud makes it intriguing to the point that it could either be him being swallowed by darkness or that he covered himself with mud to hide something. I especially love the eyes that looked so shock that it leaves the feeling that he’s seeing something for the first time and he’s torn in the feeling of both amazement and horror. And the red at the back seemed to have been a portrayal of blood. He might have died. And that expression was his feelings when he was killed.

Somehow, my interpretations and deductions of things with regards to this artwork made me feel a bit better and that it made my dissatisfaction of the cover less. Well, actually, I was pretty simple minded to be all happy about what I’ve interpreted. XD

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  1. I also don’t like the “new” Dir en grey. Their VK days where better. I think that ever since they became huge here in America, they changed just to try to fit in. >_< That’s why I don’t keep up with them anymore cos all their new stuff sounds the same as all the other American rock bands.

  2. the drawing somehow reminds me of kiatsu >_<; =_=; <_<; o_O gee XD

    (im just kidding chaterina :p)

  3. kinky kiatsu :o. I’ll stay away from you :p, and if you wanna call the date guy, go ahead, i thought you didnt want to see him anymore :p

  4. “Glass skin,” huh? Skin is so fragile – the self is too vulnerable. I like the imagery that the title used. Also, I love this art itself. It’s awesome that the musicians are also visual artists (or at least just one of them ^^;;). If it’s true he paints with his fingers, the effect renders the image more primal, more raw, and therefore more haunting. The red around the black face makes me think of blood, and it seems as if the figure is escaping – I just can’t be sure if it’s from, or into, the darkness. 🙂 Really awesome. I’m not a big J-Rock fan, but this rocks.

  5. Guys listen… Dir en grey Are doing what they are ment to do!! :DDDDDDDDDD (THEY ROCKS!!!) and if they wanted to be VK they shoud have been that, butt surtenly they dont want to so they have changed.!

  6. David,
    I like their VK days better not because of their VK looks. It’s because of their music. Their last album, Marrow of a Bone didn’t quite fit my taste. But still, I love DEG~ <3

  7. no offense to toshiya or whoever the artist was..the art piece sucks.. and so does your critique of it.. the album hasn’t been released yet and give this dull, inexperienced, and childish examination. Stick to anime you otaku.

  8. otakukiller,
    I do like anime (but I like manga more), but I’m not really that much of an otaku. Although it doesn’t really concern me what you call me either way.

    Regarding my critique of it, I did say that..

    I am always with the rule of “art for art’s sake

    Because “art” is meant for the purpose of windowing the artist’s heart and it doesn’t really matter what it medium he use or how pleasing the work turned out to be. But since that one is a finger medium one, I think, it’s already beautiful enough.

    But I know you don’t understand that, it might be that you wont ever in this life time too. People with no artistic sense can’t understand an artist’s heart anyway.

  9. otakukiller,
    Oh? Then have fun more. This is actually an old post. stares up So aside from me, there probably no one else who noticed your comment. lol. XD

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