Yes, I know. I’m well aware that I wasn’t updating these past few weeks. I really couldn’t find the time to write on my journal and make a new layout for October until now. I was bound by numerous school works and of course, we had our exam. I didn’t quite got my exams well as I had always been. But, even so, I could still somehow find time to read a few blogs. Although I only select those blogs that I read. Well, honestly, I go to blogs that don’t have long entries. I could only read for a few minutes, you know.

Before I forget, belated happy birthday to Nhellhiey! Her birthday was yesterday. I haven’t the chance to greet her because, I don’t know where she is!! Her gift was left in my locker. I wonder when will she be dropping by the campus… Speaking of locker, did you know that Agnostic_Pilgrim is a very very bad guy. He went around teasing me for days and then vandalized my locker with an extremely sickening word he himself invented. He even convinced Khei to side with him! Grr!! That model guy is getting on my nerves sometimes! He’s unbelievably annoying!

I had already updated Lost Perception. I was really happy that the members are starting to grow bit by bit. 😀 Btw, the winner of the SOTM for September is Redslim08’s Erythro Slenderness! Congrats!

So, this is the new layout and I call it Purity simply because the layout is white and the image shows the purity of a woman. Do you not concur? I was planning on making a Autumn themed layout but since there is still next month, maybe next month. Honestly, I was really lazy to make a layout because I’m tired. Though I have been sleeping full-time lately, I still feel somehow tired. Maybe because of the pressure my projects gave me… *sigh* But since having a website means being responsible for updating it, I need to. As much as the need to submit my projects. I hope you could bare the very simple (almost blank) layout I have.

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