Tainted Desires

Unforgettable –
Your refections in people’s memory.
Unspeakable –
Your presence itself.

Your glance –
Draws people as if in trance.
Your voice –
Drowns people as if you’re void.

Glittering hazel eyes.
Perfect porcelain skin.
Such tantalizing eyes.
Such undefined beauty.

At your stare,
Her body trembles with anxiousness.
At your whisper,
Chills run down her spines.

Cold fingers that caresses her.
Warm lips that kisses her.
You drive her crazy.
You filled her with tainted desires.

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  1. Yup, it’s Rya alright =) Btw, I like the design of your blog. The sidebar and that pic on top right – manage to pack in the links yet stay neat and nice.

  2. @ Stepherz ~
    Writers don’t usually write based from their experience. Sometimes, it’s somebody else’s sometimes, it’s just born out of pure imagination and creativity. Yet, one thing you must always remember is not to read too much to it, nor read less from it. 🙂

  3. Fawesome. I love the title! But brush up on your grammar, like, y’know, subject-verb agreement and such. Other than that, you’re doing fine. 😛

  4. no offense to tala (hi tala! still remember me? LOL) and euri, but when it comes to writing poems and songs, it’s not a must to follow the SV agreement. remember poetical license?

    janelle says:
    i hope poetical license also works on essays! bwahaha!

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