Counter and Gravatar

There had been a maintenance with my host. Some files fucked up. Don’t ask me the details. It’ll just get me bursting up with anger again. Either way, the counter is back up. The number is not as accurate as the last count it’s supposed to be since I just restored it from the last backup I had of this site which was last April Fools.

Also, I’ve recoded the Gravatar thing in the comments and It doesn’t use a Gravatar plugin now. There’s something up with the Gravatar cron thing on my blog and it doesn’t work out like I wanted it to be so I coded it like the old school Gravatar coding.

That’s it. I’m going home!

PS: Special plug to Dan Hellbound for using him as a test dummy of the freshly coded counter.

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  1. I have said everything about your host on our recent chat. So, there. My lips are sealed; I don’t want to rant. Haha.

    About the test dummy thing… No problem, Euri. Glad to be a helping hand. 😀

    Dan Hellbound’s last blog post..<a href=’'” rel=”nofollow”>40 Minutes After Christ Died.

  2. argh that must have been gay! Its like when a layout doesn’t work and you have no clue why but probably like 10x worse! but at least every things ok now!
    luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(whos back from the dead AGAIN!)

  3. I see.. Kaya pala naghahanap ka ng bagong host, ah? Buti naayos mo yung iba. Heck, plugins sakit sa ulo minsan.. Nagkaproblema din ako diyan dati nabwisit lang ako.. XD

    Ayan nag-online ka, hehehe… XD

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