Gothic Necklaces

I bought 2 necklaces from Aya earlier and I paid for them yesterday.

This one is customized according to my suggestions:

And the other was a Lace and Crystal Gothic Choker.

I received them both today and I’m so happy that they both fit perfectly (considering my small neck) and that they’re both beautiful! ?

PS: I’ll post pictures when I get the time.

Edited: Uploaded the photos! :3

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  1. Oh my, for some reason Miss Euri, I am able to access your beyond-eternal right now. Whoeepee… LOL. I’ve been getting frustrated everytime I tried to… but the ISP wouldn’t let me. Anyway…

    Oh my! both are really pretty!!! …wonder how would the second one look on the neck… heeheee *imagine*

    anyway, I missed dropping by here!!!

  2. Ganda naman Euri nun. Kaso hindi ako mahilig magsuot ng necklace. Post ka ng pic ha, gusto ko makita pag nakasuot yung pangalawa tsaka yung customized. Hehe.

  3. Gaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Kakkoi necklaces~!! 😀 (I’m actually planing to wear a gothic-lolita, with some accessories as those. haha.. ^^; but nah, I guess I’ll just stick to Harajuku for now. ^^; –>haha..out of topic. XP)

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