Perfect World

Perfect World

Perfect World is the latest MMORPG from Level Up! Games and is now under closed beta. Yup! Level Up! Games is the one who popularized the Philippine Ragnarok Online. Of course you know that game. It might also be the first online game you ever played.

Perfect World is a full-feature 3D online game that is based on rich Chinese mythology and set in the world of Pangu, with entire generations of gods that paved the way for the creation of great civilizations. Anchored on groundbreaking creative elements and features that catapult it into the next level of 3D online gaming, Perfect World bestows players with the power to create their own legend and, ultimately, their own Perfect World.

Based from the screen shots I saw and the features I’ve read, it’s a pretty good game. Good graphics and effects that’s rich in details. Not to mention that it’s a territory battle type where you can do battles in land, sea and air. You can customize your characters at best too. I like the idea that you coudl even design your own clothes. And you can ride pets too. The only thing left is to test the game play. That’s why I’m blogging about it so that I could get a beta account. 🙂

So guys, if you are an online gamer, you might wanna try it out. Let’s see each other there!

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  1. Hey, what’s the website? im curious to see how my nvidia graphics look on that perfect world game. Holla back Euri.

  2. nakita ko na yan mukang ang ganda nga nkita ko dn nga ang screenshots nyan hehe anyways, ayuko lang ksi fromlevel up eh arghhh.. may bayad lol

  3. @ Matthew ~
    Ah.. You click the banner? Also, I doubt you could play hat since you’re currently on States?

    @ Aisha ~
    I really don’t pay much attention to the fees. It’s the game play play I’m after. If not only due to the huge requirements for RF Online’s recent patch, I would’ve continued playing.

    @ Christian ~
    Yup! Games are meant for enjoyment! <3

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