Late Update

My site’s not on a hiatus. I just couldn’t upload my entries, read blogs, visit sites as well as check my mails these past few days because I’m out of town and our internet connection is jammed as well. Something’s wrong with our internet host’s server… I need to get to an internet cafe first to do so. You don’t need to read all that I had written these past few days. Reading this one is enough. I still haven’t thought of a good layout… I wanted to change this one and fix a lot. I think changing it would cost me two days straight. And still don’t know how the heck would I upload. My computer’s still under immense break down. It sounds so much trouble doesn’t it? This started when I was working with my case study and use the computer 24 hours straight for 3 days. *sigh* Now, it doesn’t work well because of that and it really does need an upgrade. My mom said she would send me money for my computer. 😀 I really wished it will be enough. I wanted to change my mouse to black also (but I want it optical like my current one) so my entire computer would be black. My mouse was the only one with a white color. Even my entire room is already black since I moved here from Manila. (My room in Manila isn’t black though because my grandmother is a Buddhist and is very superstitious.) But since “needs first before wants” is one of our major house rules, I’ll have to wait. This also the reason why I still don’t have a digi-cam of my own and a new scanner since my old one broke down. I still don’t have a new cellphone also. Because I chose to upgrade my computer first before buying a new cellphone. *sigh* So much to buy… But, I’ll get through.

Watched a lot of anime lately because I have nothing to do at home. I bought my own Weiss Kreuz Gluben Series! The X: An Omen that I bought doesn’t work. I think I’ll have to return it as soon as I got back to Manila. And that would be… next week perhaps. I haven’t really thought of a good layout I wonder why… I’m losing my artistic ability lately.

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