Lost Folders

It was a few days ago that I noticed that my Software (where my free and paid software installers are) and Music (where my mp3 collections are) folders are missing from my personalized folder. I thought I just accidentaly dragged it off somewhere so I left it be until today, when I needed it the most. I searched my entire C and E drives for these yet no luck on finding them after hours of scanning. And so I hypothesized that it was either accidentally cutted and paste by someone or was accidentally deleted.

I guess I will never find it and it pains me knowing that fact.

[Edited @ 20061006.2236]

In addition to this, I found out that half of my folders were gone. This includes my picture folder on which I keep pictures of Raven, my pet, my family, our house, and myself.

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  1. I thought I’d done that but I’d wiped all the songs from my mp3 folder luckily I still had the music ripped from the cd but man I hate having to look for stuff like that!Hope you find it or have a back up thingy
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Inggo’s right! LOL. Yun sana sasabihin ko. xD

    You want Gackt, Hyde, L’Arc~en~Ciel and Malice Mizer MP3s? Meron ako. Hehe. Bigyan kita ng copy, gusto mo? 😡

  3. What?s the lesson? Keep hard backups. At least two per set ^_^/,

    Nasermonan ako. T_T

    You want Gackt, Hyde, L?Arc~en~Ciel and Malice Mizer MP3s?

    Yes!! :love:

  4. Nasermonan ako. T_T

    I learned the hard way din… 80 GB of hent… er… data, all lost. T_T Ever since then, I keep them on silicon. XD

  5. I’ve neglected you something terrible. I’m so sorry. I’ve missed you so much. I’m sorry to hear about your missing files…I hate it when stuff like that happens. Maybe they’re turn up someday when you’re not looking for them. In the meantime, good luck with replacing those that were dearest to you. :heart:

  6. naku…sakit sa ulo talaga yan! 🙁 san na kaya napunta yun? ang hirap pa naman hanapin uli isa isa yung mga installers tapos yung mga mp3s pa! Grabem kainis! Anyway, naiinis nako dito sa host ko. Down nanaman yung site ko. Leche. Nag blog pa naman ako.

  7. Damn. That sucks. Used to happen to me back in high school where my assessments keep vanishing. That’s why I always back up nowadays.

  8. I am a bit late, but I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2oo6 first of all. Manigong Bagong Taon ^^

    Oh gosh, losing that data sucks. I hate that.

  9. Aw..I’m sorry to hear that. I would be really mad at my whole family if something got deleted from my computer. But then, most likely, I would calm down and blame myself for not backing up the files. Well, I hope they turn up somehow…maybe it’s a virus? I dunno…burn these things onto CDs =D That’s always good, since you can’t lose them! Well, you can…but they’ll be backup =)

  10. 80 GB of hent? er? data, all lost. T_T

    That’s worst. 😥

    How do I give you the copy? xD

    How about FedEx/LBC? You could just charge me the delivery bill. 😉 Are you really serious on sending me those? 😮

  11. hmmmm, try checking your disk space on both drives… if the used space is smaller that the usual… then they have been deleted… if not, then try searching futher… (that is if you occasionally check your disk space and know the size you’ve alerady used)

  12. batuhin ko man.. wala akong laban…marami sila eh! birthday ng kapitbahay namin at saka since province to (laguna) hindi bawal sa amin yung ganun at saka mga mababait na kapitbahay ang mga iyon.. wala naman sila ginagawang masama.. yun nga lang paglasheng na silang lahat…ganun talaga ang mga tao dito.

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