Phone Bill

Yesterday, I recieved our phone bills. And to my surpise, the bill riched 5,405.03php! O.o I scanned the entire bills’s list and found that 3,600php (exact amount) were all NDD calls to some place called “SOLOMON IS”. And I start asking, where the heck is that “SOLOMON IS” and who in the world would call that place with such a stupid time pattern like calling for just 48 sec least to at most 2 hours, hang up and call up again after a few minutes? And I couldn’t even yell to my brothers who called that because I know that they don’t know how to call NDDs and besides, why do they need to use the phone when they have they’re own cellphones, to add. So I decided to go to PLDT and ask where that place is. From there, they told me that “SOLOMON IS” is a code they use for “Solomon Islands” which refers to every site (yes, websites) that requires paying for access. Most of this sites are Adult Sites and some, from spywares. If it came from spywares, it would be weird because I am using an anti spyware software that I update every week. That leaves the option of someone was accessing PORN SITES here! It couldn’t been me because the time printed at the bills doesn’t match my time at home. It’s around 4-9pm and my class ends at 7:30 and that would get me home by pass 8 and I still watch some Chinese fantasy tv series on which my favorite character was a daughter of an emperor and a decendant of Mother Earth (or the like) which is a half human and half snake lady.

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