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About 4 months ago, I’ve posted an announcement that my friends from Light Crystal Publishing House was holding a short story contest for their first year anniversary. Of course, I’ve also joined the said contest. A few months later, sometime around the end of November, I received a message via Facebook that the short story I’ve submitted was picked and will be included in the soon to be published book. And of course, I tweeted this. And just a few days ago, I received the official email, stating the same message from LCPH.

Official email:

I wasn’t really expecting my short story to be included so I was really surprised. For one, LCPH is a Christian owned publishing house and my short story is, well, uhm, not so Christianly. And it isn’t your typical love story either. But I meant for the story to turn out like that. Another thing is my ability to write. I used to write fan fictions and I also used to role-play, but I’m not really good at writing, except for maybe, poems. You can’t really call fan fictions literary works. Though, when I submitted this, I thought it’s worth a try and joining would be fun. So submitted my own short story, anyway. And I’m glad I did. 🙂

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  1. Btw its .com now not .org 😛

    Well we are not actually 100% Christian publishing house. (just the owners) Our partners and lawyers are not Born again Christian 😛 So its a free publishing house we write all kinds of stories.

    When will you get your book?

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